Adding Value To Your Closet

Date: March 1, 2023

Drop The Laces is the bridge between winning & losing, buying & selling, they are the access lynchpin to the retailers & consumers. There are strategic ways to reach consumer’s potential needs & wants. Drop The Laces will be able to accomplish great services for consumers.

The goal is to give users access to content & inventory creating possibilities for future commitments. By understanding the need for accessibility in the sneaker community, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) will create increased users & retention on the platform.

Essentially, Drop The Laces is a concierge service, facilitator and market maker for sneakers. The app is used as a business tool for transaction revenue.

Ultimately becoming an extension for stores used to gain a competitive advantage.


Ensuring that the Drop The Laces mobile app delivers an accurate GPS location services and real-time inventory.

To the left is the mapping features of where stores will be located and show consumers where they can view and purchase the sneakers of their choice.

The mobile app quickly locate the consumers sneaker requests from anywhere in the world.  The consumer will have direct access to search the retailer’s inventory from their mobile devices.


The ability to deliver high demand/ high quality sneakers at an affordable price upon retail.

This picture (on the right) will show the sneaker and detail about that sneaker. This feature will show the price comparison capability. It will help the consumer understand what they are purchasing.

Our service will benefit B2B and B2C markets to create the best value for each of "OUR SNEAKER HEADS."


Overall, Drop The Laces wants to create the best experience while shopping for the sneaker they love.

By partnering with DTL, our goal is to increase the conversion rate & lower operational costs by allowing the consumer direct access to stores inventory. This will ultimately create brand awareness and new product placement.

Drop The Laces will save time and frustration for the consumer. A consumer unfortunately never wants to hear “NO” when purchasing the sneaker they are searching for.

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