Driving Users To Drop The Laces

Date: March 1, 2023

Now for those of you interested to hear more about Drop The Laces, here it is:

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Welcome to the World’s Largest Sneaker Closet,

We want to give users access to exclusive content and inventory. This will create new endless possibilities for our new features. Drop The Laces is a niche sneaker community in which we want to connect our wide-range audience.

This will begin with giving our users VIP access to the sneakers within their area in order to build the community. As people continue to purchase sneakers, accessibility is the most important to not only consumers but retailers also.

Drop The Laces wants to start by connecting and helping consumers bridge their own gap with their favorite brands, local retailers, and friends.

Upon our survey, 98% of the consumers said they would use the app, Drop The Laces for their shopping option if it was in the market. This statistic will help convert the potential users to be a driving forcle within the app.

We look to seamlessly answer the consumer’s request through the Drop The Laces mobile app, directly from retailers’ inventory. Join us today as we will add value and service to your sneaker collection.


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