Introducing Drop The Laces

Date: March 1, 2023

Creating a business by any means is never easy but continuing to believe in your passions and purpose, these guys are willing to keep going.

Edward Griffith and Courtney Ivy are not only friends for 10+ years but have been practicing creating businesses since college. Upon graduating from the University of Toledo, in 2018, they decided to create an app that will change the sneaker community forever.

Welcome to the World’s Largest Sneaker Closet, the team, and its supporters to Drop The Laces.

Drop The Laces is a mobile app that will give users accessibility to sneakers by integrating with local retailers at affordable prices.

"I believe in our vision because people are always looking for sneakers in such a more efficient way"

Courtney, Operations

We have evaluated our market within this industry to reach the sneaker community and believe that our evaluations will be applied overtime and broken down into phases.

Becoming widely available is the mind and soul of this team because the culture is forever changing. All beginning in Cleveland and branching to different regions will create stores and consumers to connect on a level that will interest everybody. Resources like Jumpstart helped them see a vision that can be attainable.

In their journey, they have learned about the business sales cycle of major & minor retailers, consumers' value & brands from a macro perspective.

The company wants to be more than just a sneaker platform, Drop The Laces will provide a service that will benefit B2B & B2C markets to create the best value becoming a global 3rd party facilitator & cultivator for sneakers and fashion.

"I understand the frustration when searching for sneakers, I just wanted to help"

Edward, Brand Strategist

The team of Drop The Laces has collected extensive amount of data over the past 2 years in order to progress in the position they are in today.

By sticking to their plan, Courtney and Edward want to truly achieve new iconic branding awareness & helping retailers reach its highest level of authenticity.

Some of their best experiences has been going to Complex Con, Sneaker Cons, and MAGIC Fashion Event at Las Vegas where they were able to see the opportunity of exposure.

With their partnership, their passion, and drive to help others be able to find their sneaker will create an unimaginable experience for the future.

"Welcome to the World's Largest Sneaker Closet"

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