The Culture Behind Drop The Laces

Date: March 1, 2023

In unprecedented times, the ability to make someone smile every day and inspire each other is insightful. No matter what a person goes through, continue to make the best of those opportunities.

As for Courtney Ivy and Edward Griffith, the vision of “Never Look Down On A Person Unless You Are Admiring Their Shoes” has been more than just sneakers, its been an influential lifestyle. Drop The Laces and the team has been giving more 600+ sneakers over the past 2 years back to the community.

Above Picture (Collaboration with Nation of Soles)


Drop The Laces‘ 300 pair shoe giveaways has been a way to give people something to smile about and enjoy how they feel. In 2019, they collaborated with Next/Xhibition, for a back-to-school giveaway for mothers and children in the Cleveland Area. Also working with Nation of Soles, a sneaker company based in Detroit, Michigan.

The goal for Drop The Laces is to essentially give back sneakers to people that truly need them globally while feeling confident in themselves. Drop The Laces wants to make a difference and impacts lives of people in the community.

Check out more links about their journey, reading this.

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