The Significance Of Purchasing Sneakers

Date: March 1, 2023

In a world where everybody is very impulsive and search for satisfaction very fast, sneakers are part of the latest trend.

Did you know that most people that love sneakers purchase 5+ sneakers a year? Almost $1,000 to $2,000 a year spent on sneakers.

Consumers with more resources and accessibility , have a greater insight and more likely to buy sneakers whereas the consumers that don’t necessarily have the time are unable. 62% of consumers are making in-store purchases while online sales during this time are rising.

In a market that is continuing to grow, the sneaker community is very niche and will become one of the most compelling market for future investors.

The significance of purchasing sneakers in the same day benefits the “SneakerHead” of today‘s community!


What’s getting people so obsessed with the sneaker community?

The way consumers are communicated through marketing are intriguing people to purchase. Social media, advertising, in-store promotion help the buyers.

Price encourages consumers to purchase by giving promo codes, discounts, and lowering prices.

Retailers have the ability to move to online sales and still create the atmosphere they would like for their consumers. Merch and member recognition will keep consumers interested in which they will feel apart of a movement.

For consumers in the sneaker industry, the feel of importance continues to be a psychological effect for instant buying power.

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